Monday, January 1, 2007

All systems go

It's been 41 hours since my last smoke.

If I'm honest, I can say that I've suffered one "panic attack." I decided to go find some Halloweeen candy out in the garage that I just knew was sitting there waiting for me. But I couldn't find it. Then I asked my wife about some other candy that I knew about that was somewhere in the house. She said she threw it away a few days ago.

"You threw it away!"

"Yes, I threw it away."

"Why would you do that? That doesn't make any sense."

"If it helps you to yell at me, go ahead."

"No, it doesn't help. I just don't understand why you did that."

A text msg was sent to a neighbor, who had some Halloween candy left. I went over and got some and the panic attack passed.

OK, I blame myself for this. I should have been prepared with my own candy. So it's on me.

Other stuff I've been doing to compenate:

Drinking less coffee.
Drinking green tea.
Exercising (a little) when I get real "antsy" (this seems to distract the brain's cries for nicotine)
Drinking more water than normal (which is normally a very small amount)

I think I'll cut up some raw carrots for later today/tonight.

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