Saturday, January 27, 2007

Smoking popular in Bulgaria

Look for a lot of people in Bulgaria to get real irritable real soon if that country joins the European Union, whose health commissioner wants new EU-member countries to adopt a smoking ban in public places.

Have you ever met a Bulgarian?

If so, and that Bulgarian happened to be male, chances are he smoked. The ladies there love to smoke, too, but not as much as the fellers.

They are a surly and smelly lot, to be sure. And they don't give a shit. You can cite all the Surgeon General studies under the sun, and they'll keep smokin'. Or shove a shiv between your ribs when you insist they stop.

Bulgaria is scheduled to join the EU this year. Don't hold your breath if this smoking edict passes. On second thought, hold your breath, if you happen to live in Bulgaria, cause it's likely full of secondhand smoke!!

Furthermore, if Bulgaria is one of the places you always hoped to visit before you die, our suggestion is you go there before the smoking ban. It'll be smellier in the cafes, restaurants and transit stations, but the people will be happy -- while they can legally smoke in public.


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Plamen said...

I think this is not so. Years ago I came to spain and was amazed to see that smoking was permitted in banks and hospitals. Bulgaria has endorsed anti smoking regulations much longer ago. Please check.