Thursday, January 4, 2007

Day 5, still alive

A new smoking ban has taken effect in Washington, D.C., but restaurant and bar patrons can still enjoy the comfort of a smoke-filled room by going over to Virginia, which has resisted jumping on the no-smoking bandwagon. (link)

Meanwhile, here I am at Day 5 of my new non-smoking regimen and I'm doing alright. I have either a cold or flu, so that naturally cuts down on the urge to inhale tobacco smoke and send nicotine to my nicotine-starved brain, so I guess a sterner test will come once this illness passes.

But so far so good.

A reader named Jim wrote in on The Brazosport News to alert us to this -- a downloadable program that helps newly abstaining smokers track their progress in money and more-days-above-ground saved.

Thanks, Jim.

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