Friday, January 5, 2007

Smokers pissed in W. Virginia

When you can't smoke in redneck West Virginia, there's definitely a trend afoot ...
Loren Wamsley puffed on his first cigarette at age 13. He's now 73.
The hard-nosed, razor-tongued Army veteran still smokes, but it's now illegal for him to light one up in his Winfield bar, Silkey's.

A smoking ban in all Putnam County bars went into effect Monday, leaving several business owners like Wamsley and bar patrons, smokers and even non-smokers, fuming over the new code.

Many businesses are complying, but some say they're going to fight to overturn the law someway, somehow.

"I fought to make this country free," Wamsley said. "Now you've got more freedoms in Russia. I've been smoking for 60 years and now they're telling me I can't smoke."

Wamsley became so enraged over discussing the new law he had to walk outside for a smoke.

So move to Russia, redneck!

As a newly minted nonsmoker (Day 6) I can be cavalier about such things. Hey-ooooooo.

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