Thursday, January 18, 2007

Smoking ban sought in Texas

A state senator plans to seek a smoking ban in the entire state of Texas that would include prohibiting firing up in restaurants, bars and workplaces. (link)

This will threaten one of the cornerstones of Texas mythology -- that of the smoky Texas roadhouse, where some o that downhome Americana roots C&W supposedly can be had in any small town.

So, Texas should be a big battleground in the fight over second-hand smoke, but not because of the aforementioned roadhouse myth, but simply cause it's a huge market where a lot of cigarettes are sold, and, of course, where people like to say they have certain inalienable rights -- even if it'll kill them and their nonsmoking fellows!

Texas just tacked on a $1 tax on a pack o' smokes, so addicts are still highly agitated over that. Hell, if I still smoked, I'd be PO'd too! But I quit, what?, 18, 19 days ago! Yippie!! I feel TERRRIFFFFICC!!!! So keep on smokin if'n you want, suckers, but a friendly word of advice -- give some serious consideration to givin' it all up. It's not as difficult as you may think.

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Anonymous said...

I commiserate fully with your plight. The bard Dylan once quit smoking to record the silky smooth "Nashville Skyline."

Upon his return to tobacco, he sounded quite different.

H. Brute
Sharpstown, TX